Super Smash Bros. Melee Dropped by EVO World Championship.

Flickr photo: EVO Grand Finals, Nelo Hotsuma, License CC some right reserved. No changes were made.

After 6 consecutive years, Melee has been officially dropped from the biggest FGC tournament of the year. This came as a shock to many since the game had statistically garnered one of the biggest, and even at times the biggest, viewership among the EVO lineup of games. It is still unclear why EVO decided to make the move, though many speculate it’s due to it’s successors success (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

The announcement that stated that Melee wouldn’t be a part of the line up was presented in a clip, sharing homage to all the good years and memories EVO has shared throughout the years with Melee. The video, however, was not received well by the Melee community. It started uproar within the scene, many people outraged on how disrespectful the video was. The reason for the uproar is because, while EVO saw the video as a homage, a “thank you”, Melee saw it more as a “Goodbye” an indicator that their game was dead. Due to this public outcry, many big figure heads of the scene came out to twitter and voiced their opinions.

As for the state of Melee as a game, it is still very much alive. The community has over-gone many hardships, one of them being entering Evo 2013, where they had to raise 94k in order to earn the 8th spot of the Evo line up. This game has also been out since 2001, and has outlive two of its sequels. The community for the game will not die anytime soon and will probably still continue to grow. It shows in viewership, despite being a game from 2001, it still retains one of the highest viewership in FGC tournaments. That alone should be proof that this game is not going anywhere.

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