How I view the WEB

The web is an amazing tool, it allows the sharing of information from all over the world to be gathered up into one small area for all to see, and all this happens in a matter of seconds. It facilitates communication and expands business altogether, but even with all this it still has a dark side. This will be a heavily opinionated forum about how the WEB might spark addiction and how the web affects my life.

As a person I’m just going to start up with, I can’t live without the WEB. I have so many friends, hobbies and hobbies connected to forums, that the web disappearing would definitely make it so much harder to keep up with all of them. If the web disappears I probably can’t keep my hobby of going to tournaments since all the constant information is only uploaded online. Most of my friend migrated the island, and they don’t like using their phones, so I have to contact them through messaging apps like messenger or Whatsapp to avoid ridiculous overcharge. Basically the context of all of this is, my life would essentially hit a reset button. Now could I live without it? Most probably yes. My main focus is video games, and I still have friends around the island so I could adapt but it will definitely be a big change in my way of life. Be it as it may now, the internet is a huge part of my life and abandoning tomorrow or any time would be a no for me. I use it for more than half the day every day so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that I am addicted to it. However, my argument is, on this day and age everyone is addicted to something, and if my addiction so happens to knowledge and entertainment then so be it.

Entrega: lunes 4 de febrero de 2019

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